East Bay BALL Summer Camp
Here is a sampling of remarks from our Parent Feedback Survey:

"Your camp brought my son back to loving baseball again. We will definitely sign him up for your camp next year and highly recommend it." -- Lynn M.

"My son was very tentative about sports before this camp. His confidence has grown a great deal since. Thanks!" -- Jane D.

"My son had a great time, and we both liked the relaxed and informal atmosphere -- it wasn't too programmed or hyper-achieving." -- John Q.

"My son came to BALL Camp with almost no baseball experience. He left with a real sense of accomplishment about improving his skills and had a great time at camp. I've promised him he can do it again next year." -- Sarah H.

"Admittedly, I was unsure about a whole day of baseball, thought it might be too much, especially since my son's interest in sports is only moderate. I was pleasantly surprised that he enjoyed it so much. He would definitely do it again next year, spoke admiringly of many of the counselors (one even signed his t-shirt!). I was pleased with how aware they were of each child, and how they knew kids' names and where each belonged -- which is not always the case at summer camps, particularly camps of this size. I was thrilled with BALL Camp and wouldn't change a thing since my son enjoyed going every day. Thank you for what was a wonderful experience!" -- Mary T.

"As a parent, I love the messages this camp imparts about fun, fair play, friendship and sportsmanship. The camp is exactly what a summer experience should be. I also like that you are not bombarding them with Gatorade and non-stop music like they do at other camps. Thank you so much!" -- Susie A.

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