East Bay BALL Summer Camp
BALL Summer Camp was founded in 2006. We recruit some of the finest young players to grace East Bay diamonds in recent years to be part of the camp staff. Many staffers have been recognized for their achievements on the ball field, and are current or former players at Berkeley High, Bishop O'Dowd, Head-Royce, Piedmont, Oakland Tech, Skyline and St. Mary's high schools. All have demonstrated proficiency, patience and a passion for sharing their baseball knowledge and love of the game with younger players.

BALL Camp's co-director and on-site supervisor is Jared Crayton-Thomas. He is an East Bay native, a baseball enthusiast and accomplished ball player himself. Jared is a seasoned teacher in Oakland public schools and has coaching experience in the Berkeley High baseball program and the Encinal High basketball program. A veteran member of BALL Camp's management team, Jared is the glue that keeps our operation running smoothly every single day.

Stephanie Krutsch is BALL Camp's co-director. Stephanie, a Minnesota native, has been a Playworks Coach and a teacher in the Oakland public schools. An avid sports fan and former soccer player, Stephanie works behind the scenes supporting day-to-day operations.

Registrar Jeni Paltiel is an experienced customer service person and frequent school and community volunteer. She knows the ins and outs of registration and camper dynamics both as a co-founder of the online registration tool Sportability and as a mom of three athletes and campers of her own.

BALL Camp founders Scott Bonzell, a veteran Oakland Little League coach, and his wife, Debbie, have three sons and are active in a variety of local school and sports organizations.

Jared Crayton-Thomas and Stephanie Krutsch
Jared Crayton-Thomas and Stephanie Krutsch

Jeni Paltiel

Scott & Debbie Bonzell
Scott and Debbie Bonzell

BALL camp circle
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